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Physical & Financial Consulting focused on helping you Relax, Release, and Recover. 

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Travel and Events

We enjoy life the most with family and friends on Vacation at a Concert or at a Special Event. Our goal is to help families share these special times more often and more affordably. 

Food and Fitness tips by Troy Weaver.

Food Health

Food Health

 Our goal here is to bring awareness to the health risks of consuming negative food choices. We provide food wellness content, resources and services designed to help increase energy, lower stress, and create happiness. You can learn more about our Food Health today.

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Financial services provided by Troy Weaver. Social media, Web sites, Vlog, Affiliate marketing.

Financial Wellness

Relax, Release, and Recover

Here we bring awareness to the lack of balance in our work life, and the resulting stress and illnesses that affect millions everyday.  We  teach and mentor advanced online business techniques, elite social media marketing and new and improved sales strategies. Our goal is to help you work smarter, with healthy goals in place. This lowers stress and anxiety while creating extra time for recovery.

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