Wellness Coaching by Troy Weaver.

Financial Consulting

Love what you do.

Here we bring awareness to stress, related to Unhappy jobs, Being Overworked, and Lack of Financial Wellness support. We provide tools, training, and support to help you increase your business goals, improve sales and customer retention, and help you to love what you do. Learn more about our Financial Wellness services today. 

Financial Wellness by Troy Weaver.

Above The Rest

Small Business Secrets by Troy Weaver.

The Best of The Best

Building a small business is not easy, even when using the internet to help. Today you will need tools such as apps, programs (cloud based) and physical tools to assist with your branding, marketing, recruiting, referrals, sales and more.. 

7 Day free trial of advertising boost by Troy Weaver.

Tested & Proven

The tools that I coach here have all been tested, and proven to assist in growing all aspects of your business. No matter what field of work you have, these tools work in any industry. 

Money back guarantee on advertising boost. By Troy Weaver

The Benjamins

Money back Guarantee. Most of the tools I use come with a free trial. These trials are designed help you get to learn more about the software.  However all come with a no questions asked money back guarantee. 

Programs and services by Troy Weaver

Advertising Boost

Advertising Boost will allow you to earn money when you show businesses how to give away unlimited vacation incentives to their prospects to double or triple  sales WITHOUT increasing ad budget. Learn more. 


Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion offers the latest, cutting-edge Video Communication Products: Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Video Chat, Sign-Up Forms, and much more! Five Great Products. World-Class Value. Unbeatable Pricing. All-in-One Convenient Login. Learn more


Book Vip

Become One Of Our Overpaid Super Affiliates And Earn up to 30% Commissions For Referring Others To Book Vip. Learn more


Dream Car Contest

Some of the best affiliate programs offer a great Car bonus for doing a great job. 

Dream Car

Check out this great video Learn more about the car bonus. There are two affiliates that offer a car bonus you can see them here. 

Car Bonus 1.    

Car Bonus 2.

Advertising Boost Affiliates

Check out this great video and learn how to get  paid  great bonuses helping small businesses. 

Book Vip Affiliates

Check out this great video and learn how become   a overpaid Book Vip Affiliate