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Physical & Financial Wellness Consulting

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Wellness Wins. A 3 Step Approach to Health & Wellness


Wellness Consulting focused on helping you Relax, Release, and Recover. 

Troy Weaver Wellness Consultant.


Hi, I'm Troy Weaver founder of 

The WellnessWins 3 STEP Coaching Program, 

The New Wellness Strategy .

"I want to help those looking for a fun, simple, and effective approach to living a healthy and happy lifestyle. -Troy Weaver

Within our unique wellness strategy we offer Physical and Financial Wellness programs services, and products designed to help you increase your health, and happiness. Browse below to learn more or click the Quick view links above. 

Food Wellness by Troy

Meal Plans, Cookbooks, Weight Loss, Online Coaching Cooking Classes

Hi, I'm Wellness Chef and Coach Troy Weaver. I am a Former Atlanta Braves World Series Sous Chef, 3 Time PGA Tour Championship Club Executive Chef, and Personal / Private Chef for Executives, Business Professionals, Athletes, and Public Figures.

Here I also offer:
*Online Meal Plans and Coaching (worldwide)
*Weight Loss Programs
*Detox Systems
*Cooking Classes
*Healthy Herbs & Seasonings
*Wellness Retreats
*Fitness Programs 

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Concerts, Vacation Villas, Travel Packages, Events

Here's we'll discuss stress and mental health, and the importance of travel and recreation as a source of mental release and relaxation. We provide our supporters with 60-80% off luxury travel, with reputable AAA rated partners that offer worldwide locations, and monthly events, including major concerts. Our video blog wellness course is a great way to learn about our great stress release and relaxation program. You can start today. See you inside!  

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Tip on how to make money online by Troy Weaver.

Financial Wellness

Relax, Release, and Recover

Here we bring awareness to the lack of balance in our work life.  We  teach and mentor advanced online business techniques, elite social media marketing and new and improved sales strategies. Our goal is to help you work smarter, with healthy goals in place.  

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